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I’m a legal news reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently cover trials and high-profile hearings for Law360.

I began my journalism career as a high school intern at The Miami Herald in 2005.  Since then, I’ve written for The Aspen Daily News, The Daily Journal, Aspen Peak Magazine, KQED, Aspen Public Radio, Colorado Public Radio and the San Francisco-based MissionLocal. I also have a master’s degree from U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. In grad school, I spent most of my time producing radio shows, filming a short documentary and teaching general education courses in U.C. Berkeley’s rhetoric and microbiology departments. Most of the work posted on this site was produced before 2016.

When I’m not writing on deadline, you can find me hanging out with my dog Bennie, hiking in the Berkeley hills.


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  1. Dorothy, Ted Cassman here, the attorney for Liang Chen. I’m following up on the article you wrote for Law360 last week. On Friday, the government dismissed the final count (Conspiracy, count one) and Judge Freeman then entered a judgment of acquittal. So Dr. Chen was cleared of all charges. I’m hoping that you write a follow-up article to make that clear. I know his case is not Theranos/Holmes, but still!

    Give me a call if you wish to discuss. Ted


    • Hi Mr. Cassman, sorry I’ve been slammed with this Theranos trial. I’ll pass along the news to my editors to see if we can get a story out on it today, but no guarantees since it’s their call. My email is btw. Feel free to reach me there. I tried reaching out to you multiple times, but for some reason my emails kept bouncing back. Also, congratulations! Your team put on a great defense.


  2. OOOps, Dorothy, I just emailed you with follow-up development and quote on the consumer class action against Amazon’s Ring LLC, but I see here that you may be totally wrapped up with Theranos (what a great story!). Should I share our info with another reporter or editor for the Ring story? Thank you! Bill


  3. I am interested, as a victim, in the trial of Mark Schena ex President of Arrayit. Can you e-mail me with the transcripts of the trial or let me know where to find them?
    Thank you


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